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Please see the schedule page for your route and check back the summer.
July - plums, cherries, apricots, and Pecos melons
August - Colorado Palisade Peaches & Sweet Olathe non-GMO bi-colored sweet corn

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Our Most Popular Items

Mixed Produce Baskets!


Fill your fridge (or counter) with an assortment of fruits & veggies!! Each recipe is a surprise (& different) from the last dlivery but you will absolutely love 10-12 different high quality & fresh selections! (each site usually has a “sub” box also!).

Raw Milk


Local Sunrise Creamery Raw Milk – USDA certified (yodel & cheese curds!)

Hays' Honey Raw & Unfiltered (& Honey Gift Sets)


*Fall Wildflower *White Wildflower *Alfalfa *Clover
(new varie*Alfalfa*Clover

*Spun Honey

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