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We LOVE to serve you!

Supply: We do all in our power to bring exactly what you asked for but due to conditions (weather, seasons, laborers, inflation) we reserve the right to bring a substitution and possibly to adjust our pricing according to market. We will make every attempt to contact you and happy to explain at delivery, also.

Pickup: We understand there are times you may need to send someone to pick up. Please make sure we have their contact info and they have ours. Giving them a list of what they are picking up is a must – please ask them to check it for accuracy. Again, we do ALL we can to make sure orders are accurate but our drivers are on the road a lot and mistakes may happen.

Mistakes: If a mistake happens we are anxious to make it right however we can. We may offer you credit right then and there or you may elect to apply to a future delivery. If we aren’t able to work something out we will offer a refund through the payment method or venmo.

It helps if you are at delivery because we can go through your order with you. Plus we try to bring awesome extras so people have a chance to get something they haven’t tried or in smaller bags. You can pay for those at delivery or we can invoice you for them.

No-shows: We post an approx schedule on the front page of our website, you are welcome to contact us at any time in regards to the schedule, we text reminders the day before and we try to stay in touch with you during your delivery day. Any changes to your order needs to be made 48 hours before delivery day (because we are shopping for, purchasing, making and loading your order the day or two before delivery). Please don’t offer us to sell it to others because we already bring as many extras as space and finances allow.

We appreciate you! We are doing all we can to keep prices stable despite the bedlam around us from produce pricing, transportation and our own fuel costs. There are no words to say our gratefulness when you help spread the word in whatever way you can. We have had to be more strict than we would like in not delivering in towns with less than 3 orders (especially when we drive our trucks) – if you have ideas of what we can do to help your community members know about our service please contact us. 

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