Imported Italian Olive Trio


Green Castelvetrano, Olive Antipasto, Pitted Borbonica Olives

Green Castelvetrano, Olive Antipasto, Pitted Borbonica Olives

Ready to serve
Green Castelvetrano – Real Sicilian olives of the Nocellara of Belice variety with a distinctive green color, mild taste, and buttery flavor. These brine cured olives have a crisp and crunchy pulp and small pit.
Uses: Ideal as a snack, table olive, for garnishing salads and in all antipasto dishes. Perfect to enhance the flavor of meat, poultry, and fish recipes.

Pitted Italian Olive Antipasto
A tasty mix of 100% Italian Olives with peppers, garlic, and spices. Selected Italian olive varities: green Nocellara of Belice (Siciliy); green Nocellara Etnea (Sicily); green Calabrese (Calabria); black Lecino (Abruzzo); black Peranzana (Puglia). This delicious and colorful medley is prepared in sunflower oil and mixed with Italian yellow and red bell peppers, garlic cloves, spice, and natural flavors. A flavor that is all Italian!
Uses: Perfect as an appetizer, as a side dish for roasted meats and as a creative topping or pizza and focaccia.

Pitted Borbonica Olive Mix
Castelvetrano Olives are grown in Sicily, on a strip of green land a few kilometers from the sea, where the ancient temples of Selinunte have protected the olive trees for more than 2600 years. Round in shape with a firm flesh and sweet mild taste, these olives are prepared in a tasty mix with deshelled lupini beans and Calabrian chili peppers A mix full of the perfumes, colors and flavors of beautiful southern Italy!
Uses: Ideal as a side dish, as a salad ingredient or as a unique hors d’oeuvre with cocktails.

Net weight: 3 lbs. Drained weight: 1.5 lbs


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