Fresh Tarragon

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  1. Susan

    It was a lot of tarragon, and I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to use it all. but I did! Used some chopped, fresh for my herb crusted salmon/golden beets recipe. Used a lot to infuse a big jar of apple cider vinegar…. indescribably delicious in a vinaigrette for fruit or vegetable salads. Dried a big bunch….it made my kitchen smell so good while it was hanging up to dry, and now I like to open the storage jar and smell its lovely aroma.

    • yourfreshestfood

      Hi Susan! I didn’t know we had a place to comment on the website and just found this! thank you! I am still learning about herbs as its a new supplier, I think 8oz is the least we can order but I’m so happy to try again for you.

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