Cento Organic Tomato Paste


Double-concentrated. No preservatives. Product of Italy.

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Cento Double Concentrated Tomato Paste is the same rich, thick paste made from fresh red ripe tomatoes, now in a convenient and resealable tube. Easily add a depth of flavor to your soup, sauce or favorite recipes, the convenience and versatility of the tomato paste tube is unparalleled. If your recipe calls for 1 tbsp of canned paste, 1 tbsp of Cento Double Concentrated Tomato Paste in a Tube should be used. This BPA free tube will last 30 to 45 days in the fridge after being opened, making it a great alternative to traditional canned tomato paste.

Not produced with genetic engineering. BPA-free tube lining.

Double-concentrated – 1tsp = 1 tsp canned paste.


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