Bamboo Cutting Board Italian Gift Set!


Sundried Tomato Cheese Baguettes – lovely vine-ripened 2.6oz

Classic Style Pretzel Sticks 2.8oz

Taralli  Italian Pretzels with Olive Oil 2.82oz

Gluten Free Non-GMO Steamed & Marinated Asparagus Snack 1.34oz

Honey Mustard Dip – 9oz

Smoked Gouda 3.5oz

Bistro Style – Whole Mixed Olives 4.6oz

Green Olive &  Agai Cheese Tapenade 4.6oz

Crackerbread Round 2oz

I unpacked one set to get a complete look and my family devoured all of this (18 members for dinner) – and their review was

“yummy”, “delicious”, “scrumptious”! They Honey Mustard is pretty big, the asparagus was a surprise, the Italian pretzels were addictive, the smoked gouda is creamy, they actually didn’t even get into the tapenade – there were enough crackers, chips, pretzels to go around with all the yummies.



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